7 Things You Should Know Before Hiring A WordPress Consultant

A WordPress consultant can help you set up accounts on the platforms that are relevant to your audience, then integrate them with your website. You can expect help with the technical aspects of your site, such as its initial design (or redesign) and setup. Like traditional developers, consultants may also make themselves available if you run into problems later on. Partner with Seahawk, and experience the difference that a professional WordPress consultant can make. Contact us today to discuss your project and embark on a journey towards a remarkable online presence.

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Based on your needs, we’ll assign a team of field experts to your project within a few days. We needed help with
frontend specific projects for a big release. They came on board, with almost no time taken in
ramping up with our code base, and were able to deliver on time! Once you’re satisfied with our exceptional quality and communication, you can easily scale your dev team with more engineers. Codeable specializes in WordPress and gives you access to high-quality professionals with skills we have carefully vetted before being added to our site.

Ask the Right Questions to Gauge if They’re a Good Fit

To get an idea of the rates these professionals charge, compare the rates on different platforms and ask for quotes before settling on one individual. This information allows you to evaluate quality vs. cost vs. value adds. Like any specialists in their field, WordPress consultants charge a fee for their services. As a business owner, it is up to you to evaluate the pricing before offering anyone the assignment. A crucial consideration is ascertaining whether the applicant has experience with WordPress specifically.

hire wordpress consultant

There’s a thriving community of builders and we’d love for you to join us. That is, of course, as long as you hire a WordPress consultant who knows what they’re doing. This usually means searching for someone actively involved in the WordPress community, with an objective body of work you can run the rule over.

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You’ll have to experiment with different plugins, themes and features. A well-executed marketing strategy turns website visitors into loyal customers. Even if your website is in tip-top shape, it won’t do you much good without a marketing strategy. If you haven’t embraced social media marketing, you could be missing out on an opportunity to connect with new customers.

  • A professional business consultant for WordPress themes adds credibility and popularity to your business.
  • We solve your problem of getting high quality WordPress & WooCommerce help that is also cost effective and here for you when you need it.
  • Another great way to hire WordPress consultants and experts is to look for WordPress Facebook groups in your town or country.
  • Developers can learn WordPress easily since they can easily access comprehensive WordPress training.

But, this can pose a problem if you’re looking for a consultant, and marketing is not your area of expertise. Experienced WordPress consultants should have lots of examples or case studies of success they have provided for previous clients. If they build websites, ask to see their website design portfolio. With Uplers, you will get the best pre-vetted WordPress developers in the industry.

Introducing the Concept of a WordPress Consultant

Your website’s success is my priority, and I’m here to ensure it performs at its best. Are you struggling with your WordPress website and need expert guidance? Ivana is a digital marketer and content strategist with a talent for copywriting and storytelling. She is passionate about finding the perfect words to capture the essence of a message or brand. Working with a consultant can be tricky if you’re not receptive to feedback. Expect to receive constructive criticism throughout the process.

hire wordpress consultant

If your business is highly specialized, you may want to look for someone who has experience in your arena. A WordPress consultant should also show you how your website fits into your business as a whole. This can save you a lot of time and money since you’ll have a specific track to follow. Wherever you decide to look for your guru, someone claiming to be a WordPress expert should be active in the WordPress community.

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Such a web developer should know how to improve the ranking of WordPress sites on Google. Look for WordPress maintenance skills too when you hire a WordPress expert. WordPress is an excellent platform to get your foot in the door to establish an online presence and harness digital marketing.

If you’re looking for a reliable and expert WordPress services, we’re here to help. Seahawk‘s track record of client satisfaction and their portfolio of successful projects speaks to their dedication and expertise. Don’t settle for a mediocre website or struggle with technical challenges on your own. It’s important to have a clear understanding of how they charge for their services. Some consultants may prefer an hourly rate, while others may provide fixed project-based fees.

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When you experience a bug, it can take a significant amount of energy and time just to figure out the root of the issue. Then, you have to spend time researching solutions before you can implement one. hire wordpress consultant Even after you’ve fixed the issue, the solution you found may simply be a temporary patch. I’ve built up a large contact base with trusted partners in design, development, SEO and digital marketing.

Such a developer will also be able to help you customize your site to make it really stand out. You might need API integration and even API development experience in complex WordPress projects. You have hired a WordPress consultant, and now you need to onboard them effectively. Provide the relevant project documentation including requirements, technical solutions, etc. Despite the best planning on your part, you need the right people to achieve success with your WordPress development project. You might need a WordPress website with a customized WordPress theme or plug-in.


Staying updated with the latest trends, security measures, and best practices in the WordPress ecosystem can be a challenge. A WordPress consultant is immersed in the field, actively engaging in professional communities and staying abreast of industry advancements. They will explain how you can benefit by working with our competent WordPress consultants. Provide a detailed overview of the milestone approval process and acceptance criteria, which helps to establish accountability. You might not get enough effort from part-time freelancers, which is another risk. 5 years experience in development, 2 years as a front-end and WordPress developer.